Which Brakes Go Out First?

Which Brakes Fail First

All cars need regular care and servicing so they can work in acceptable condition.  

If a car doesn’t have a working brake system, it can eventually lead you into an accident. And running into an accident because of a failed braking system is the last thing you want. 

Brakes are among the most vital components of any vehicle type and therefore, require special attention. In most vehicles, car braking systems comprise of two parts; the front brake pads & the rear ones. 

The front brake pads tend to wear out faster compared to the rear ones. 

That’s because the front brake pads usually handle more weight. Unless your vehicle is carrying a heavy load at the back such as a tow truck or a lorry, the rear backs rarely wear out faster. 

How One Ensures Their Car Brakes Last Longer? 

Now there’s no easy way to explain what practices one should take in order to make sure their car brakes last longer. 

However, a few precautionary measures that a person can take in order to secure their car brakes are: 

Drive Smart: Don’t be in a rush on the road. Take it easy on the gas and brakes – no sudden stops or speedy takeoffs. Stay ahead of traffic, and plan your stops ahead, so you don’t have to slam on the brakes suddenly. 

Tire Rotation is Key: Rotate your tires regularly to even out wear on your brake pads – it’ll make ’em last longer. 

Use that Parking Brake: Give your parking brake a workout now and then to keep it in good shape. It stops your brakes from seizing up. 

Break in Those Brakes Right: Do what the manufacturer says when you get new brake stuff. It helps them work better and last longer. 

Keep an Eye on Brake Fluid: Don’t forget to check your brake fluid regularly. Low or dirty brake fluid messes with how your brakes work. 

Brake Check-Up Time: Get a pro to check your brakes regularly. They’ll look at the pads, rotors, and other stuff to make sure everything’s in good shape. 

Quality Brake Parts: Splurge a bit on good brake pads and rotors. Cheaper options wear out quicker and can be a headache. Don’t Overload: Don’t load up your ride too much; it’s hard on your brakes and other parts. 

Chill on the Brakes: Don’t ride the brakes, especially downhill. That can make them overheat. Use the engine to slow down when you can. If you’re always driving in tough spots, think about getting brake cooling kits. 

Cool Down Your Brake Pads: Think about using insulation shims to keep your brakes cool. It stops too much heat from messing with the brake parts. 

Clean Up Those Brakes: When you’re doing regular maintenance, clean off your brakes to get rid of dust, junk, and brake fluid leftovers.

Keep Out of Deep Water: Try to steer clear of deep puddles and floods – water messes with how your brakes work. 

Fix Stuff Fast: If your brakes start acting weird – making strange sounds, vibrating, or just not working right – get them checked out and fixed ASAP.

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Are Your Car Brakes Failing? 

Do you feel like your car brakes are failing? Just in case, your car brakes are not working optimally, or you’re under the suspicion that your car brakes are going to give away anytime soon, it’s about time to take your wheels to an auto repair shop to get your car’s brakes changed. At Quality 1st Auto Repair, whether your drive has front brakes failing or the rear ones failing, our professionals can provide you with an easy fix for your car’s braking system. We have the necessary brake system replacement options. 

Get your brake service done today! 

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